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46 McKinney Road
Warkworth, 0981
New Zealand

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Made from 100% Natural Ingredients 100% NZ owned & operated.
Not animal tested
No chemicals.
No parabens.
No preservitives.
No synthetic fragrances.
For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with mixing up ingredients, mostly it started with cooking, but it quickly moved onto natural skin and hair care. For the last few years I have been taking things a bit further and using natural skin care product I have made on my clients in my Beauty Therapy Salon. I have also had requests from my clients for pots of my creams for them to take home to use, so I thought I would take the huge step and start making it available to Everyone.
I do not use anything artificial in my products, it is all natural with no preservatives, parabens, chemicals, no words you can't pronounce or have no idea of what they are, and I don’t test on animals.
My products will not be certified organic as it if difficult to find everything I use in my products organic. If I can find the ingredients at a reasonable price then I will use that option. I want my products to be healthy, good for you and affordable for everyone, so I do take care when selecting the ingredients, and if I can't get organic, I do get fair trade or very high quality ingredients.
Today our world is so full of chemicals and unknowns and our bodies are being overloaded with it all, so here is a natural healthy range that will help your skin and body without putting more unwanted, unusable things into it. Your skin is your largest organ of the body and the quickest way to get something into your body and blood stream is through the skin, so it is very important that what is put onto that precious skin is good, natural and healthy which is what my range is all about.

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