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As much as a 100% perfect diet may help, the psychological aspect of eating is just as important the food itself. Balanced living is the core of any assessment or recommendations that I give. Food obsession and the ‘worried well’ are becoming more prominent in the fitness industry due to increasing expectations. Health and wellness is a journey – you must remember that.

I am a qualified sports nutritionist and exercise professional from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Supplementary Nutrition and Food Service Management. On top of that, I have a Level 2 ZUU and Level 1 Ankorr Certificate where I have started a fitness class in Dunedin.

Since the age of 4, I have been playing sport. I have participated in everything from rugby and cricket to squash and golf – all at a high level. On top of this I love the outdoors where I surf and dive (among everything else) – so you can say I am fairly active, and I will continue until my body doesn’t allow me to. Throughout my journey, I have used theory from University where I have utilised and understood this to benefit my own career. I understand the pressures that sportsmen and women go through, both physiological and psychological, and I have the ability to put myself in your shoes as I have been through it myself.

Over the past few years I have worked with young rugby players, track and field athletes, figure competitors, endurance triathletes and marathon runners, in addition to the hurricanes super rugby team. This has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain experience over a huge range of sports with different physiological demands. The importance of having been a sports person gives me an understanding that cannot be learned from a book, and this is passed onto you to gain that extra %.

Working with sports people is only a part of my consultancy experience, where I have taken referrals from many doctors. I have dealt with a number of patients with weight problems, diabetes, gut complications and food related disease where nutrition interventions have benefited them. Simplifying strong evidence is important to make accurate nutritional changes and I have had success and have changed people’s lives for the better. Helping them understand that healthy eating is not difficult, it can give them a sense a purpose where they are able to make significant changes. This is the polar opposite to dieting as all consults are PERSONAL and suited to the individual.

I don’t sugar coat anything (excuse the pun) and give you the best advice I can offer. I will help you change lifelong habits for you to meet both short term and long term goals. I will consider barriers, potential problems, and eating and exercise history to motivate you to be the best person you can be – whether that is sports performance or general health and well-being. Change is easy, let me guide you on the right path.

Bachelor of Applied Science (University of Otago)
Major: Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Minor: Food Service Management
Minor: Supplementary Nutrition
Diploma in Business Studies (Massey University)
Level 2 ZUU Fitness Instructor
Level 1 Ankorr Fitness Instructor
ISAK Level 1 Certificate

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