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Mindfulness is paying attention, with kindness and curiosity. It is living in the now. It is not worrying about what happened yesterday or what's going to happen later, it is being fully present and attentive in a non judgemental way to what is happening right here, right now. After all, the 'now' is where life is happening x

Welcome to my movement! to my beautiful business, that is all about inspiring, guiding and supporting mums to live more mindfully. I currently run workshops, community talks and provide one on one coaching both in person and via email :)

Mindfulness has been around for thousands of years, so the idea of being more aware and attentive is not a new thing. There has been an explosion over the last five years in research on mindfulness and the amazing benefits that come from practicing this way of living.

Whether you struggle with stress, low mood, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty coping, difficulty managing your daily 'to do lists', frustration with your children, or if you just want to get the most out of this amazing gift of life that we each have, mindfulness will help you.

So often, we as mothers live in this 'automatic pilot mode' where we are physically there with our children and our friends, but our minds and thoughts are off somewhere else. Whether it be, thinking about the next five things we need to get down before sitting down for tea, or whats happening at work tomorrow, how you're going to manage the day, how you're going to meet deadlines, pay bills, fit in exercise, find time to do the washing and make sure that lunches are made before the morning. All of these thoughts take us away from the present moment, where life if happening, where our kids need us and our attention. And then what happens is we miss out. We're so busy micro managing, planning ahead, committing to everything that we miss out on whats actually taking place around us.

Have you ever gone to check on your children before you go to bed, tucked them in and then felt a pang of guilt because you felt as though, during that whole day that you spent together, you barely remember what you did with them? Or do you ever find that all of the worries on your mind stop you from enjoying your time with your children?

I can totally relate. Been there, done that. Thankfully I have learnt, through mindfulness another way to live. A richer way to spend my days and a less stressful, more enjoyable existence as a result.

I have been practicing mindfulness for the last five years. I have an honours degree in Psychology where I focused on neuropsyc and behavioural modification. I worked in the addiction/mental health field over a five year period.I have undergone numerous professional development courses and workshops on areas such as CBT, DBT, NLP and the law off attraction. I also have a very keen interest in mindset and the physiological impact of our thoughts on our bodies and our mindset.

I am also a certified life coach.

In addition, I am contracted by the mental health foundation of New Zealand to facilitate an 8 week mindfulness programme in schools called 'pause, breathe, smile'. For more information regarding this programme or to register your school please email Natasha at [email protected] :)

I look forward to having you join my movement

Vic x

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